LVO Special Deals launch today!
22. September 2023
In January 2024, we will take part at Frontline Gaming's Las Vegas Open! Find us at booth #505! As a super special we are now offering you 5 great deals in advance! These should reach you before the event, so you can bring your miniatures already in your own Armybox to Las Vegas! Everyone who visits us at our booth with his own Armybox will also get a gift. You can save a lot of money with our deals, check them out now and order your Armybox! Deal #1: Save about 50$, as you get the backpack...

Go Green and save money!
21. August 2021
Anyone who buys a green Armybox from Monday, the 23rd of August 2021, will receive 100 magnets worth €14.99 for free! Get your green Heavy Support or Tactical Bag here! This promotion is valid for at least 2 weeks, then while stocks last.

USPS shipping delays
22. February 2021
Hey customers! We got a notice from our postal service that USPS has massive delays due to COVID, the high volume of packages and winter storms. This causes our packages to USA need up to 4 weeks more to arrive! We are very sorry about this but there is no alternative we can choose, we can only hope this won't last too long. Have a nice week!

FREE SHIPPING @ our non-EU store!
09. January 2021
Hey customers! We got a lot of feedback from you about our new store and thus we decided to do a recalculation to make free shipping worldwide possible for you! So from now on, we have free shipping worldwide! YES!! Please note: to make this possible, the accessories are only orderable with an Armybox or Battlecounter. EU-customers still have to order at our EU-store: Thanks for your support!

Armybox TITAN out now!
23. December 2020
There he is! Our newest, really huge family member arrives just in time for the christmas party! The Armybox TITAN is a trolly that transports your biggest armies with no problem. The trays are compatible with the Heavy Support ones, so you can easy change between them. Now get your own TITAN!

Christmas Special ends on 26th december!
22. December 2020
Our christmas specials end on 26th december 2020! So take the chance and get the Heavy Support Black Metall Series with the magnet safety set and 100 magnets for only 150,85€ and/or the Armybox Black Metal Tactical bag including the magnet safety set and 100 magnets for only 112,06€! The special last only up to and including 26th december 2020! Have a jolly christmas time and stay safe!

15. December 2020
A very warm welcome to all our customers based outside of the EU! Until now, we already had some awesome clients from all these wonderful regions over the world and this is why we decided to make an extra Onlinestore just for you! Since our system didn't allow to difference between EU and non-EU customers, we had always trouble with the EU VAT, that is only mandatory for EU customers. So now this brand new Online store offers our products without this VAT and we invite our international clients...

04. December 2020
It's nearly christmas time! Thus we have decided to prepare a christmas special bundle for you! The set includes the Heavy Support Black Metall Series as well as the magnet safety set and 100 magnets for only 150,85€! Now the Armybox Black Metal Tactical bag is also back in stock and we offer the Christmas special as well including the magnet safety set and 100 magnets for only 112,06€! The christmas special lasts while stocks lasts and max until 31.12.2020!