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Our Battle Counter.

Hold your concentration on your tactics - don't waste it for the annoying counting of all those command and victory points and other things!

The Battle Counter remembers all those for you! Also it hold your accessories as dice, cards & markers and will serve you as dice tray! What a handyman!

We develop and produce accesories 

for you and your wargaming hobby! 

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Our Armybox.

So much effort and so much money goes into your beautiful miniatures. Don't transport them in foam or even improvised transport solutions. Don't risk to rub off your paint or to break off fine details like spears. With magnets and your Armybox are your miniatures safe for all those dangers! Also you have enough space for your rulebooks, accessories and some pieces of terrain!

Meet the team!



My name is Jochen Pfeffer.

I started with tabletop games in 1996. The first games I played were Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. This two systems are still my main systems today. Later I started to construct game tables and transport systems for miniatures. Also I designed bases in different styles, casted and finally sold them.


In 2009, the first Armybox transport system for miniatures was released and has been steadily developed. Innumerable prototypes have been built over the last years and there will be a lot to do in the near future!



A very important part of Team Armybox is my father, who helps me to optimize the machines for production and supports me a lot in CAD drawing. Thank you for your help!


We not only share the wargaming hobby but also our love for photography and design. So we were very pleased to support Joe with our company “Spielplan Agentur”!