Battlecounter - Black Series

BLACK SERIES – Our new product line to celebrate our 10-years-Armybox-jubilee!


Our new Battle Counter has a revised Cover now with six 100s-counters, made from black MDF and golden gears and labels! We've added pre-engraved labels suitable for games like 40k, as well as some blanks to individually inscribe by yourself! 


With our Battle Counter you can track your victory points, turns and other gaming details. Also you can stow away all your gaming accessories like dice, tokens and more. 


The Battle Counter consists of:

  • the cover with the counter mechanism: with this tool you can track the turns, victory points, secondary objectives and command points for two players during games like 40k. The cover itself has two gears to lock the box and your accessories up.
  • the inner box offers much space for your dice, tokens, cards (in sleeves), measures, Lifecounters and many more. It has a smaller detachable box to bring the items where you need them. 
  • the outer box has a felt inlay and serves as dice tray. 


This is an assembly kit. The miniatures transport system is developed and produced in Germany (except bag).

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