New!! Armybox Titan


The Titan is our biggest Armybox so far! With the two rolls and the handle you can transport a really huge army wherever you want! 


With the Armybox miniatures transport system you can carry your armies safely and comfortable. Our system combines the magnetic transport with foam elements. Small figures can be magnetized and arranged on our trays, bigger figures can be laid into foam inlays (such as Feldherr) or also magnetized and transported with our magnetic wall.

The frame consists of lightweight aluminum and the trays from magnetic sheet steel, both powder-coated.


The miniatures transport system consists of:

  • the frame, who confers the stability and offers space for the trays, our accessories or foam inlays (for the titan size 35x28cm/13,8"x11", that's Feldherr Full Size)
  • the bag around the frame, which is resilient and water-repellent; has enough pockets to fit you rulebooks and other stuff and easy to move as a standard trolley
  • 3 trays (internal dimensions: 37x26,5 cm/14,5"x10,4") 
  • Magnet-safety Set included, to hold the trays from sliding out by accident
  • double-sided-velcro-patch, to hold the door open
  • all screws, brackets and tools you need for the assembly.



  • 4-points-handgrip
  • trolley system with two rolls and a telescope handle
  • magnets on backside to hold the trays from sliding out by accident
  • two big side pockets (21,5cm/8,5" width, 33cm/13" height, 5,5cm/2,1" depth) fits DinA4 and US letter sized rulebooks or our Battlecounter
  • one front procket (25cm/9,8" width, 24cm/9,5" height, 4cm/1,5" depth) fits DinA5 and US half letter sized rulebooks or other gaming accessories
  • zipper on 3 sides to get the trays easily out of the frame
  • enough velcro space for your badges
  • a double sided velcro patch is included to hold the door open for easy access to the trays
  • stiffened front to protect from hits
  • quilted sidewalls for more comfort
  • extra padding on the bottom against vibrations
  • water-repellent material
  • trays are compatible to the Heavy Support Bag!



Outer dimensions trolley:  HxWxD approx. 66cm / 26" x 44cm / 17" x 34cm / 13"

Usable inner size: HxWxD approx. 52cm / 20" x 37cm / 15"  x 27cm / 11"


Weight (including 3 Trays): 7,8 kg


Optional supplies:

  • further trays
  • magnetic wall
  • foam wall set
  • shoulder strap

You can find them here. 


This is an assembly kit. The miniatures transport system is developed and produced in Germany (except bag).


Choose your desired bag color:

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