LVO Special Deals launch today!

In January 2024, we will take part at Frontline Gaming's Las Vegas Open! Find us at booth #505!


As a super special we are now offering you 5 great deals in advance! These should reach you before the event, so you can bring your miniatures already in your own Armybox to Las Vegas! Everyone who visits us at our booth with his own Armybox will also get a gift


You can save a lot of money with our deals, check them out now and order your Armybox!


Deal #1: Save about 50$, as you get the backpack option and a tray for free with the Armybox Heavy Support!


Deal #2: Save about 43$, as you get a velcro bag and a tray for free with your Armybox Tactical!


Deal #3: The Trolley is back! Be the first to hold the world new Titan in your hands! 


Deal #4: Save about 105$, as you get the deal #1 twice and get 10€ discount on top!


Deal #5: Save about 100$, as you grab deal #2 twice and get 10€ discount on top!


For those not attending the Las Vegas Open, feel free to grab this deal as well. If you are from the EU, please remember that VAT will be added here, in our EU store it is already included for you. 

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